Hidden And Dangerous 2 Sabre Squadron

The main game Hidden & Dangerous 2 is not required, it is installed with an addon, while they can play separately, independently of one another. The game works fine without crashes in Windows 7x64.
The default profile name is registered 123, the average complexity. When creating your profile, selecting the maximum complexity of the game, the first game, Hidden & Dangerous 2, the map from the airfield there is sometimes a bug, you can not find a record book flights to navigate to the next card.

Recommended system requirements:
- System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
- Processor: 1 GHz
- Memory: 128 MB
- Video: Accelerator 32 Mb
- Sound Card: DirectX-compatible
- Hard disk: 3.2 GB

Download Links:
Hidden And Dangerous 2 Sabre Squadron

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