Whirliwind Over Vietnam

Developed by: G5 Software
Published by: Evolved Games
Genre: Simulator (Helicopter) / 3D
Language: English

The War in Vietnam has become one of the most significant political events of the sixties. After World War II military technologies got a new impulse and started developing quickly. One of the most noticeable changes was the all-round usage of military helicopters. Even now, after 40 years, the image of a Huey helicopter is one of the most typical associations with the War in Vietnam and almost every movie dedicated to this topic features these machines.
Whirlwind of Vietnam is a helicopter sim that depicts the most famous episodes of the war in a movie-style way. The main events of the game are well-known to the audience due to famous books and movies dedicated to the War such as We Were Soldiers, Apocalypse Now, Hamburger Hill and many others.
The game features all the major weapons and military equipment of that period, both air and land - from firearms, grenade launchers and artillery to planes and vehicles on either side of the conflict. And of course, the main focus is on helicopters. The game will contain all major American helicopters with modifications for both US Army and Marine Corps.
The game is flexible and has a lot of settings which allow varied flight behavior for the helicopter from realistic to arcade. This makes the game interesting for both hardcore gamers and casual players.

Download Links:
Whirliwind Over Vietnam Part 1
Whirliwind Over Vietnam Part 2

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