The Thing

The Thing is a third person survival horror game, and sequel to John Carpenter's 1982 film The Thing. It was developed by Computer Artworks. The Thing begins where the film had ended.
The player takes the control of Captain Blake, who is sent to investigate the loss of contact with the American Antarctic research station.

Captain Blake and his team start investigating around the research station, which had been destroyed by the explosion from the end of the film. Voice actors include Kathryn Cressida
(who has acted on many video games such as EverQuest 2 and Titan Quest: Immortal Throne), and William B. Davis as Col. Whitely (who played Cigarette Smoking Man on The X-Files.)
John Carpenter also lent his likeness to the character Dr. Faraday.

* This game picks up where the classic horror film leaves off -- you play Captain Blake, a soldier sent to Antarctica to find the scientists who were the Thing's first victims
* In 11 frightening levels, you'll have to lead your team against disgusting monsters, from the scuttling head-spiders and human-like walkers to the gigantic multi-tentacled level bosses
* Trust is important here -- isolation and paranoia will get to your team, and any mistakes you make will turn them against you
* Control your squad and keep them calm as they face off with spectacular and horrible aliens who can do tremendous damage
* A new world of fear and isolation is waiting for you to conquer it, if you can survive

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