The plan

Stephen Foster and Robert Taylor, the world's greatest thieves, have pulled off notorious heists around the globe. Now, they must nab one of the greatest masterpieces. But, when one double-crosses the other, redemption requires the most sophisticated plan ever conceived.
Robert Taylor must form a hi-tech team of specialists to beat his former partner at his own game. The team must stage elaborate heists in the most secure locations across the globe - London, Prague, L.A. - to recover a pair of Rembrandt paintings and a priceless jewel.
The Plan introduces an entirely unique style of gameplay. The first single-player multiplayer game enables gamers to control up to three characters at once. The innovative split screen gameplay offers new ways for characters to work in precise coordination, from setting up clever deceptions to distract security guards to timing anti-secutiry measures down to the split-second.

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