Taz Wanted

Taz: Wanted is a video game of the action-adventure genre released in 2002 by Blitz Games. The game is based on the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil. It begins with Taz and She-Devil enjoying romantically at Taz Island. Suddenly, the two are captured by Yosemite Sam and they are held captive in Sam's Zoo. Then, Sam tells Taz that, in order to rescue She-Devil, he has to go to Gladiator's Toon Show. After Taz destroys the cage, Sam makes an escape. After escaping, Sam puts wanted posters of Taz. Now, Taz has to get out of the zoo. After acquiring a cannon, a trampoline, and an elephant, Taz manages to escape, and confronts Gossamer in a game of Elephant Pong.

System requirements:
Pentium 1.6 Mhz the
RAM: 256 MB
Video: 128 MB

Download Links:
Download Taz Wanted

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