The Black Mirror

The death of his grandfather, William, brings Samuel Gordon back to Black Mirror, the family's ancestral home. Although William was considered a kook and his death most likely a suicide, Samuel is investigating the matter. Samuel is convinced that the death was no accident and that the mystery's answer lies in the research William conducted, sequestered in the castle's tower. Samuel reads William’s private diary and quickly discovers that there have been a number of mysterious deaths, and as he gets closer to these crimes, he realizes that he is very much at the centre of the mystery.
But will uncovering ancient family secrets bring new light to the matter or shroud the Gordon family in doom?. Samuel must do all he can to solve the mystery and keep himself alive.

Black Mirror is a third-person, point-and-click adventure game set largely on the sprawling grounds of Black Mirror Manor including an asylum, the church and its grounds, and the town of Willow Creek. The game begins immediately after William's funeral and Samuel is reintroduced to his estranged family and meets the household staff. An uncle who secrets himself away in his study, an ill-tempered gardener, and a family doctor who hints that he knows something are just some of the cast members Samuel will deal with.

• Third-person graphical adventure.
• A rich and interesting storyline to capture the imagination.
• Six comprehensive chapters.
• 23 individual characters.
• 150 locations, including: a medieval underground temple, a mental hospital and a cemetery.
• Atmospheric effects such as rain, fog and storms.
• Hundreds of realistic animations.
• Many logical, inventory, environmental and tactile puzzles.
• A breathtaking game that combines suspense, terror and action.
• 5 hours of spoken dialogue.

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