Mortal Kombat Mythologies

The sorcerer Quan Chi uses the services of the Lin Kuei clan to steal a scroll in a Shaolin temple. The Grand Master of the Lin Kuei warrior Sub-calls Zeropara mission. In the temple, Sub-Zero, Quan Chi discovers that also retained the services of Hasashi Hanzo, code-named Scorpion, the rival Shirai Ryu clan. Both compete in the theft of the parchment and get the room while the parchment.
They agree to compete for the scroll in a fight, where Sub-Zero wins because of his powers. Hanzo pleads for his life, but his opponent and decapitates the clan returns with parchment. reecontrar When the Grand Master, Sub-Zero and delivery map. Quan Chi appears, Suceso pleased with the mission. Sub-Zero was very angry with the fact that Quan Chi had hired Scorpion. This answers it needed to ensure that the parchment could be obtained. Both argue, and the Grand Master intervenes demanding payment, delivery and payment Quan Chi, bones cleaned Takeda, Grand Master of the Shirai Ryu, and claims to have murdered all mebros clan.
The Grand Master is satisfied again and offers the services of Sub-Zero. Quan Chi then asks him to go to the Temple of the elements, defeat the four gods element is get the amulet of Shinnok. Sub-Zero, then part of its new search.

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Mortal Kombat Mythologies

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