Merchants of Brooklyn (2009)

Merchants of Brooklyn (2009) PC Game Information


Merchants of Brooklyn |PC| 837 mb

Title: Merchants of Brooklyn
Genre: Action / FPS
Platform: PC
Developer: Paleo Entertainment
Language: english

In 3100 A.D., global warming has caused the sea level to rise and engulf the streets of Brooklyn. The land is gone, but society rebuilds the city on top of existing structures, connecting buildings through a network of sky bridges. As the upper class literally moves higher, law enforcement abandons the lower parts of the city, and its less-affluent inhabitants

To meet the upper city's demand for laborers, city leaders contract the Brooklyn Institute of Technology(B.I.T.) to clone a new working class. At the time, the B.I.T. Labs had made incredible advances in cloning Neanderthals were chosen as the main focus of the research based on their physical resilience. The city's contract called for far more Neanderthal clones than were required, causing the excess and sub-standard Neo-Neanderthals to be discarded to the dregs of the city. The well established mob entity known as theMerchants of Brooklyn saw a lucrative opportunity here use the bottom dwellers for high stakes fights to the death. It became the new sport of under-city kings

In MERCHANTS OF BROOKLYN, You take the role of an elite Neanderthal fighter with a taste for blood. Having had your arm unwillingly detached from your body courtesy of a chainsaw, your new prototype biomechanical arm transforms into different twisted and brutal weaponry to aid you in the slaughter. Your goal: escape from the under city and free your brethren to take over the upper utopian empire to do with as you please

The game is set in the distant future. In 3100, as a result of global warming flooding occurred. Streets swept away, but people found out - they have built new houses for drowning buildings. As the name implies, the events taking place in Brooklyn. At its upper tiers settled oligarchs, and below, as usual, the dregs of society.

For further development, the oligarchy began to actively carry out genetic experiments, which were removed and cloned Neanderthals because they are the most adaptable creatures to life in such circumstances. The expense of Neanderthals descended to the lower tiers, where the local mafia was using them to fight with competitors and to fight without rules. One of the bosses forced scientists to create a clone - Matteo. Genetically modified fighter fought well in the ring, until one particularly ferocious opponent had not pulled his hand. For such a valuable specimen is not in vain, condescending gangsters sewn Matteo a new biomechanical limb. It is for Matteo, and you have to play.

System requirements: 
Pentium 4
RAM: 256 MB
Video: 128 MB

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