Jet Storm

It’s 2006, and the United States faces a new and terrible enemy. Surviving terrorist groups have formed an alliance with the South American drug cartels. Armed with revolutionary new weapons, the enemy quickly takes control of key strategic regions in the Western hemisphere before launching an invasion of the United States.
You’re a pilot in an elite air force unit. Your mission is to stop the enemy, and discover the secrets behind the mysterious new technology that lets enemy forces remain invisible. You’ll take control of an ultra-modern fighter, and dive into a rich variety of combat missions that include intercept, escort, strike, and rescue operations. Many deadly dogfights and chilling encounters with enemy secret weapons await you in the skies over Florida Keys, the Panama Canal Zone, Ecuador, and Cuba!
Victories bring numerous rewards: new planes and weapons become available as you progress through the campaign. Once the enemy invasion is defeated, it’s time to go on the offensive - and eliminate the evil mastermind behind the enemy weapons technology, who is preparing a deadly counterattack from a secret hideout deep in the tropical jungle. If you don’t find him in time - all your fighting might have been in vain…
An original storyline, spectacular visuals, and realistic sound effects make Jet Storm: Modern Dogfights a thrilling adventure full of heart-stopping action.

Game Features:
three flyable types of ultra-modern VTOL planes with normal flight/hover ability intense combat with deadly opponents armed with deadly weapons two main combat views - cockpit and chase outstanding graphics, special & sound effects simple, intuitive interface and steering original storyline & music score Multiplayer Deathmatch via Internet and LAN.

System Requirements:
* Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, DirectX 9.0c
* CPU 800 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM
* DirectX 9 compatible Video Card with 64MB RAM (Ensure you have the latest available drivers for your graphics card!)
* DirectX compatible Sound Card
* 700 MB Free Hard Drive Space
* CD-ROM Drive, Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers

Download Link:

Download Jet Storm

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